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Eco-friendly, empowering and grippy yoga mats

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"Love my new Meow Yoga cork mat, premium quality and great grip for hot yoga."


(Moon Mat - cork)

"My boyfriend surprised me and bought me this mat and I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you sooo much."


(Mandala Mat - blue)

"The anti skid is very good, I could grip without skidding unlike some other mats. Congrats on creating such a fine product!"


(Mandala Mat - black)

"Amazing mat, such good grip too! Thank you so much"


(Mandala Mat - blue)

Discovered this brand and fell in love. A beautiful product, and an essential right now. A local brand, eco-friendly, and thick enough for your joints.


(Moon Mat - cork)

"I bought the Majestic (elephant) mat during covid for my home workouts, it's much better and softer on my knees and hands."


(Majestic Mat)

"Mat was amazing!!! My knees feel amazing right now, no pain or anything!"


(Majestic Mat)

"I ordered my cork Ming Mat and I LOVE it! As a yoga teacher I've tried plenty over the years. The padding is perfect, the grip is great, and the design is super sweet. The fact that they support animal shelters makes shopping here for a good cause. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an excellent quality mat for a reasonable price."


(Ming Mat - cork)

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