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Are Your Chakras Blocked? Here's How to Balance Them...

If you've been practicing yoga or meditation for a while now, you've probably heard the word 'chakra' come up a few times during your sessions. Well today, we're going to delve a little deeper into what they are, where to locate them, understanding which ones need work, and learning how to balance them.

To start, what on Earth are chakras?

Simply put, chakras are energy points within your body. There are 7 chakras in total, each one represented by a different colour, all in a vertical line from the base of your spine to the crown of your head.

Each chakra is connected to different areas of your body, and has an effect on your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. When a chakra is blocked or out of balance, many problems can arise, so it is important to understand which ones need work, how open them and bring them back to alignment.

Where are my chakras located?

7. Sahasrara Chakra - the crown chakra, located at the top of your head. It's colour is violet.

6. Ajna Chakra - the third eye chakra, located between your eyebrows. Its colour is indigo.

5. Vissudha Chakra - the throat chakra, located at your throat. Its colour is blue.

4. Anahata Chakra - the heart chakra, located at your heart center. Its colour is green.

3. Manipura Chakra - this is the solar plexus chakra, located at the upper abdomen, middle back areas. Its colour is yellow.

2. Svadisthana Chakra - the sacral chakra, located at the lower abdomen and lower back areas. Its colour is orange.

1. Muladhara Chakra - the root chakra, located at the base of your spine. Its colour is red.

How can I tell if my chakras are blocked? And how to balance them...

1. Root Chakra: this chakra is linked to stability, security, trust and grounding.

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Signs of a blocked root chakra:

  • financial stress

  • unable to set boundaries

  • distancing yourself from others

  • fear of the future

  • constantly tired

  • overworking

  • paranoia

  • overeating or undereating

How to balance your root chakra:

  • Affirmations like "I am safe and secure" or "I trust that the universe has my back"

  • Going for a walk barefoot, connecting to nature

  • Guided meditations or Kundalini yoga

  • Wearing red, or eating red foods (tomato, pomegranate, strawberry)

  • Grounding yoga poses like Tree pose, Lotus pose or Mountain pose

2. Sacral Chakra: this chakra is linked to creativity, physical touch and sexuality.

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Signs of a blocked sacral chakra:

  • lack of creativity

  • low libido

  • loneliness

  • overly sensitive

  • obsessive behaviour in a relationship

  • reproductive health issues

  • urinary or kidney problems

How to balance your sacral chakra:

  • Affirmations like: "I am grateful for my creativity and can easily tap into it"

  • Go for a swim or take a bath

  • Self-reflection, understanding and acknowledging your feelings

  • Wearing orange, or eating orange foods (orange, mango, carrot, sweet potato)

  • Hip-opening yoga poses like Garland pose or Happy baby pose

3. Solar Plexus Chakra: this is linked to wisdom, willpower and self-confidence.

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Signs of a blocked solar plexus chakra:

  • low self esteem

  • lack of motivation

  • victim mentality

  • bossy or self-centered

  • aggressive

  • need to be right

  • overly competitive

How to balance your solar plexus chakra:

  • Affirmations like "I am powerful, successful and confident"

  • Spend time in the sun

  • Wearing yellow, or eating yellow foods (banana, pineapple, corn)

  • Ab-focused yoga poses like Cat Cow, Boat pose or Bow pose

4. Heart chakra: linked to love, kindness, healing and forgiveness.

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Signs of a blocked heart chakra:

  • shyness

  • trust issues

  • inability to forgive

  • loneliness

  • toxic relationships

  • jealousy

  • high expectations

  • needing acceptance from others

  • asthma or breathing problems

How to balance your heart chakra:

  • Affirmations such as "My heart is open to give and receive love," or "I am in a happy, healthy and honest relationship."

  • Guided meditation for loving kindness

  • Creating gratitude lists

  • Wearing green, or eating green foods (spinach, celery, kale, cucumber)

  • Heart-opening yoga poses like Camel pose, Dancer's pose, Bow pose, Wheel pose

5. Throat chakra: linked to communication, creativity and self-expression.

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Signs of a blocked throat chakra:

  • difficulty in communicating with others

  • unable to express feelings

  • throat infection

  • mouth sores

  • overtalking

  • oversharing

  • using aggressive language

  • gossiping

  • arrogance

How to balance your throat chakra:

  • Have warm drinks (honey ginger tea)

  • Journaling

  • Keep your neck warm and protected

  • Wearing blue, or eating blue foods (blueberry, blackberry, eggplant)

  • Yoga poses like Cat Cow, Cobra, Upward dog, Shoulder stand, Puppy pose

6. Third eye chakra: linked to wisdom, awareness and spiritual awakening.

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Signs of a blocked third eye chakra:

  • lack of imagination

  • unable to focus or stay present

  • poor vision or memory

  • sinus problems

  • headaches

  • spacing out

  • hallucinations

  • paranoia

How to balance your third eye chakra:

  • Affirmations like "I trust my intuition," or "I am wise, and guided by a higher power"

  • Guided meditations

  • Candle gazing

  • Getting good quality sleep

  • Wearing indigo, or eating indigo foods (black beans, raisins, plum, fig)

  • Yoga poses like Wide leg forward fold, Downward dog, Plough pose

7. Crown Chakra: linked to spirituality, connection to the divine source.

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Signs of a blocked crown chakra:

  • lack of focus or confusion

  • brain fog

  • disconnected from oneself

  • overly spiritual

  • lack of inspiration

  • oversleeping

  • coordination issues

  • tension headaches

  • exhaustion

How to balance your crown chakra:

  • Unblocking the other 6 chakras

  • Affirmations like "I am guided by a higher power", "I surrender to my destiny, the universe has my back"

  • Meditations

  • Expand your knowledge about self-growth

  • Chant 'Aum'

  • Reiki healing

  • Wearing violet, or eating violet foods (black cherries, prunes, beetroot, raisins)

  • Inverted yoga poses like Headstand, Rabbit pose, Savasana

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