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Wellness Tips: For Those Who Don't Have Time

If we had a dirham for every time somebody told us they wanted to start a new healthy habit, but they didn't have the time - we'd be retired and livin' it up in Hawaii right now.

As a wise person once told us, "we don't find time, we make time." That being said, we're here to show you busy bees how to make time for yourself, and how to stay consistent.

As business owners and wellness instructors, we completely understand how busy life can get - we've been there! Our working hours usually start at 6am, and end around 9pm. We know how difficult it is to make time for yourself and find balance, especially when you have to work 8+ hours a day, cook food, run errands, have a social life, look after others, and so on. It almost seems impossible, right?

Well, what if we told you it was possible - and all you need to do is dedicate 5 minutes of your time each day towards a wellness activity? Would you do it?

If yes, great! We have some great tips for you to get started, just scroll down.

If not, take a moment to ask yourself why? What's holding you back?

If you're thinking that 5 minutes won't make a difference, that's a very valid concern.

Truth is, five minutes a day can make a difference, and you'll see for yourself once you start. Not only will it bring positive changes to your life, but it will slowly start to become a daily habit.

Before the excuses start to roll in, it's important to know that our minds love routine, so it's very common for it to come up with reasons or excuses that stop us from stepping out of our comfort zones. Once you break past those mental blocks holding you back, and start to see the positive changes it can bring to your life, making time for your own wellbeing won't feel as daunting.

Once you're ready to start, here are some helpful wellness tips for you.

Wellness tips for busy people:

Tip 1:

Schedule your 'wellness time' in your calendar, just as you would with meetings. Your wellbeing is important, and needs to be prioritized.

Tip 2:

If something urgent comes up, try not to cancel. Instead, reschedule to a later time that day - remember, it's just 5 minutes.

Tip 3:

If you start to notice any mental blocks or excuses trying to hold you back, just be aware that it's your mind trying to keep you in your comfort zone. Remember that your mind doesn't control you, you control it.

Tip 4:

Silence your phone, or any distractions, during those few minutes so you can stay present.

Tip 5:

Pick a wellness activity that is not only good for you, but brings you joy. This could be yoga, moving intuitively to music, guided meditations, journaling, dancing, somatic work, breathwork, affirmations, sound healing, walking in nature, etc.

Tip 6:

Make a note (either in a journal or in your mind) of how you feel before and after each session. Whenever you consider giving up, this will help you stay consistent.


Five minutes a day, that's all you need to start with. That's almost as long as a bathroom break. Trust us, you won't regret it.

Try these tips, and let us know how you get on. If you need any more ideas or assistance, reach out to us here, or on Instagram at @meowyoga.official - we would love to help!

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